How often do you tell yourself you’re going to do something and you don’t do it? It’s always easy to not do something. Especially when you’re the only one holding yourself accountable. 

Have you ever made secret goals that you didn’t want to share with others? Maybe you still have goals in mind? 

Do you have ambitions but are afraid of failure so you didn’t follow the steps that it takes to get there? 

Do you constantly “research” how to do something but don’t actually do it? 

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. — Buddha

Breaking Promises Is A Slippery Slope

Your internal monologue is more important than you think. Sometimes we take it for granted because it’s just our thoughts, it doesn’t really matter, right? 

It matters more than anything. Our conscious becomes our unconscious. If you want to start becoming what you want yourself to be, you have to start thinking that way. 

This isn’t The Secret or any of that woo-woo stuff like that. You can’t just think your way to being rich or having a better life. Action must be taken to reinforce it. 

When you break promises to yourself, you unconsciously tell yourself that it’s okay. 

Today, I didn’t want to go on a run. I told myself that I was going to run 6 miles though. It would have been so easy to let another day go by and just run tomorrow. I ended up going out on that run and along the way, my subconscious kept telling me “you only need to run 3 miles” or “if you run 6 miles, you’ll be eating dinner 30 minutes later than you wanted to.” 

Moments to break promises to yourself can come at any moment. It’s a battle that you must face every day with your mind. The more and more you don’t break promises to yourself, it becomes easier but it’s never over. There is no peak that you get to and you’ve conquered your mind. 

Even David Goggins talks about even to this day, he goes to war with his mind. Day in and day out. 

Stop Making Excuses and Change Yourself Through Taking Action

Stop the mental gymnastics that you play with yourself. We all do this. Excuses are easy. It’s easy to make the excuse that you wanted to do something but you couldn’t do it because of {insert excuse}. 

Maybe you don’t want to do it? Maybe it’s your ego trying to protect itself? 

Get over that. The real work is when you stop thinking about it and start doing it. The action does begin with thought but the thought doesn’t mean it will manifest the action. How many times have you thought about doing something but didn’t do it? 

Changing yourself through action is far more powerful than changing yourself through thought. “Fake it until you make it” means that you must do the thing until eventually, you become it. 

I have probably listened to hundreds of hours of nutrition and health podcasts, if not thousands of hours. Do I always eat the healthiest? Most of the time. 

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Be Realistic About Your Goals

My goal right is to run a minimum of 6 miles at least 5 days a week. I want to reframe how I think about the distances of my runs. For years, my standard run was 4 miles. Now I want to make my standard run 6 miles. This shift is something that will probably take months to wire into my brain that this is the normal run that I do now. 

An incremental improvement upon your goals is what counts. Even if you are just maintaining, that’s okay. At least you’re not going backward. The second you start to skip days on reaching your goals, you start to move backward. 

I always tell myself that skipping one day is like losing 3 days of progress. The momentum that is lost makes it harder to get back on the horse. 

If you haven’t run for 5 years, I wouldn’t recommend that you start trying to run 6 miles a day. That would lead you to burn yourself out fast or injure yourself. I would recommend starting slow.

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Set A Few Commitments At A Time

Set fewer goals that are important to you and nothing can supersede that other than a major emergency. 

If you say you’re going to do all the things, you will not be successful. You will end up with these anxious thoughts of how you’re going to do everything and not succeed. 

Have a myopic look at those goals. There will be days when you don’t want to do them and your brain will want to move on to something else.

That’s your brain craving novelty. It’s exciting learning something new. What’s not exciting is doing the same thing day after day trying to get incrementally better. If you’re always learning something new on the surface level, you will be a master of nothing.  

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