Do you ever go to the gym without a workout plan? Or are you sick of just using a note you took on your phone with a rough plan? 

It can be hard to get motivated sometimes to have no time structure for your workout. If you only have 20 or 30 minutes to workout, sometimes you can feel like “what’s the point, I’m only going to do a few exercises and then have to go home, shower, and continue my day.” 

I understand that feeling. It has struck me many times before. Then I discovered this app. 

Enter Intervals Pro. Unfortunately for Android users, there is no Android app yet. The app works on the Apple Watch, iPad, M1 Macs and iPhones. For $8 you can get the upgraded version to be able to save unlimited workouts. 

Screenshot from the author

When I initially downloaded this app, I thought I would just use it for running. Above is a simple tempo run but the app is capable of so much more. 


If you’re a runner, looking to get faster, being able to record your pace is vital. You can set your running pace for the interval and if you are running outside that pace, your Apple Watch will vibrate to alert you that you are inside or outside the targeted pace. 

Screenshot from the author

Heart Rate Zones

I’m aware that reading heart rate on your wrist is not nearly as accurate as getting a chest strap but it can be helpful to set a heart rate zone that you want to run. When building endurance and avoiding overtraining it is important to make sure that your heart rate is not getting maxed out every single day. 

If you’re a seasoned runner like myself, you can usually tell what your heart rate is based on how out of breath you are but seeing the numbers in front of you just validates that you’re not going outside your targeted zone. 

Distance Intervals

Want to do 400 or 800-meter repeats but don’t have a track? This app has you covered. You can set a distance you want to run for each interval. This way, your interval is not tethered by time but by the distance you are running. 

800 M repeat intervals

Intervals Pro For Strength Training

This kettlebell workout in the screenshot below is a 43-minute workout and I feel gassed at the end. Much like a workout that you would do in a class, I set the time in the intervals for how long it would take me to do the rep range I am targeting. 

The ultimate goal doesn’t have to be counting the reps though. It’s just to do as many quality reps as you can do in the interval. I love bringing a kettlebell out to the park and doing a quick workout. 

Kettlebell workout example

You don’t have to set every workout to be time constrained though. You can set each timer to be manually moved to the next. If you want to go through your normal strength training routine, the timer will start counting up at the end of the interval. 


I will say, there is a little bit of a learning curve when learning this app. It can be frustrating to do a workout and then realize that you messed up one of the timers or that you’re getting an annoying bell ring at the end of each interval. These are easy fixes though. 

Once you get the app up and running and save a good amount of workouts, you’ll find that you have no excuse to not work out no matter where you are. 

I have workouts built into the app that is specifically designed to have no equipment so if I just have a floor, I can do something really quick. 

I tend to group my timers based on the location where I would do them to make sure that the flow of my workouts is as smooth as possible. It can be frustrating to forget that you set to do box jumps when you don’t have anything to jump onto. Usually, when that happens to me I just think of another exercise that targets the same muscle groups. 

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